Parent Consulting & Support

Although we try our best to prepare for parenthood, I don’t think we can ever adequately be prepared for the real thing until we get there. For me personally, I definitely underestimated how challenging, frustrating, and exhausting parenting would be. Of course there is also beauty in raising these small beings – but there are many moments along the way when our patience is put to the ultimate test. I meet with parents to discuss their current concerns and their goals with respect to their child(ren). These sessions always involve support for the parent, but also include psychoeducation on topics such as aggression, anxiety, attention problems, burnout, digital addictions, etc . – depending on the immediate concerns at hand.

You can also view the Families in Transition page by clicking here.

“The best therapist on their best day will never be as effective as the parent who is willing to make even a 1% shift.”​​

Co-founder of Emotion Focused Family Therapy - Adele LaFrance

How Can We Help You?

I strive to deliver time-limited and focused interventions for my clients, that they can integrate into their lives at home. ​​

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